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Thursday, October 24, 2019

With Love Jennifer Winget

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Jennifer Winget 


Isn't that just a gorgeous, gorgeous thing?
Alright! We have some fun for you today. and nothing starts before a cup of coffee But wait, there's something more what is this I did not expect this, at all. Let's see what is in it This is for a Miss. Jennifer Winget. Do we know her? I don't care Let's just see.
What do we have here?
Oh okay, so there are some cards, there are some questions that I need to answer I think only then will I get my cup of cofee and really it is empty . So I think the trick is to answer the question and then I might just get my coffee. So I need my coffee and I'm on it C'mon Alright, so the first being The secret to my beauty is Sleep. Lots of lost of sleep. I could just sleep here right now. Lots and lots of sleep Jennifer Winget on a lazy day is like Have you seen ice age? I am sid the sloth On my off days, I can be quite a sloth See that's why sleep is very important for me. Jennifer Winget's favorite frangrance is? Burberry It's just been my favorite fragrance since for like forever. I can't wear anything else. Stripes/florals/checks which one is Miss Winget's style? Oh, stripes. All the way, all the way. Anyday. If I could style one person in the entire world he or she would be? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Not that he isn't stylish enough already but just to be in close proxemity with him would be nice (Laughs) Can I get my coffee now? I have answered all your questions. I need coffee. Give me coffee. come let's look for coffee. C'mon! Now it's time for my coffee. But there isn't any coffee I don't think I'm going to get my coffee today. But look what we found here. Pringles and another envelope I think after this I might just get my coffee Let's just see what's in it so, what do we have in here Some more questions. there are some more things you want to know about me. Since I'm sitting in the kitchen I don't have my coffee I might at least eat something while answering the questions. A dish I don't mind putting weight for? Panipuri mahn. how can you say no to panipuri So panipuri. and what it is..

Three things I can cook without burning it?

Okay. eggs maggi tea maybe I'm quite challenged in the kitchen see this. there's nothing in my kitchen. Just for show (laughs)

Name 3 sweet dishes you can never live without?

 Oh, okay. My dutch truffle cake My fridge is always My fridge always has one. and sweet dishes Gulabzamoons and.. carrot based sweet dessert Alright! I am a "live for food" or eat food for a living kinda person? I am stuffing my face with chips so that answers your questions that.. you know that I live for food.

The yummiest lunch box I had on set? My mother, she sends me the most amazing food and I have got the best mummy ever so I have good food everyday I can binge on this junkfood for life Umm....samosas I can never give that up until I start looking like one  If I was a food item, I would be.... Sushi I would like to be sushi because I'll tell you why people have a perception about sushi that you know, no everybody likes it you have to acquire a taste for it. they already have their assumption about it but it's really, really yum and it's really, really healthy ya sushi my favorite drink is Bloody Mary I love Bloody Mary. I love it. and drink glasses and glasses of it. Hey I've answered all these questions I need my coffee. you know what I think I've given up on coffee I don't think I'm going to get my coffee Let's just watch some TV Chill for sometime and have our chips yaa C'mon.

 Okay so now.. that I've given up on coffee let's just chill for sometime let's just see what's on TV Oh, see what's on the table another envelope I think I've kinda understood the game now. Alright. let's just see what is in this This is too many questions Okay Televison Television has been a game changer in my life true or false Absolutely! 200% true. I love TV I am a TV's girl the last TV show I've binged watched actually I just recently.. saw this show on Netflix called Wild Wild country. and.. I really, really liked it It is really, really interesting and a fun to watch show. One character of mine which I would love to replay Without a doubt Maya because there's just so many shades and layers that an actor gets to play with so yeah..
 An international TV character which is closest to Jennifer in real life Daenerys Targaryen see yeah.. Favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S character?
 Joey and like Joey Jenny doesn't share her food either My favorite cartoon characters were.. Not were are Scooby doo and Donald please don't ask me why I mean it's obvious Rachael Green or Monica Geller Rachael Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen Depends on what I have to do with whom For this one I'll go with Jon Snow Doctor Ridhima or Kumud (Laughs) Oh my gosh Kumud Stronger Tulsi Virani, Prerna Bajaj, or Parvati Prerna Bajaj I mean C'mon she's my mum was.. so anyday. So now that I've answered I think I have answered these questions I'm gonna go. Sit on the couch and sulk till my coffee comes Look out of the window like a silent puppy and wait for my coffee C'mon join me See I can't even walk properly without the coffee Sulking time Let's sulk.

Oh look what I found surprisingly another one alright! Let's see what questions to be..I have to answer now. Jennifer Winget's childhood dream was to become..
 I wanted to become two things an air hostess and there was a time when I wanted to become a cop also but then I thought that you know the uniform is very boring I wanted to wear something glamorous and I think I'm in the right profession now Jennifer as a child was.. I was actually a little quiet shy little girl

Does Jennifer Winget follow the secret?
It's a secret I have my own set of rules that I follow Jennifer Winget as a philosopher would be.. I don't know mahn..I think I think I'm still a philosopher I keep giving knowledge to everybody even if they don't ask for it One of Rumi's favorite quotes? I think there's something.. I don't remember exactly but there's one that goes like.. Don't be lonely or something and then there's like an entire universe within you so yeah that one and then there's another one that says where there's a wound that's where the light enters or a storm something like.. please don't get me wrong this is what means I don't remember my memory's really, really bad. so yeah.. I answered these questions now I have sulked. now what do we do I think I need a touch up I need to see how I am looking I haven't seen in the mirror for so long C'mon it's time to just.. Everything's fine. I don't need to do anything. I like this messy look that..
 look what I found again.. let's see what's in this My most possessed vintage fashion piece is.. Vintage.. this is one saree that belonged to my grandmother which my mother has and I have asked her to give it to me but she doesn't because she knows that I can't take care of it but I really have my eyes on that one If there's a raid in my house you would get the most amount of shoes My fashion icon.. Audrey Hupburn ya Audrey Hupburn Fashion to me starts with comfort yaa that's very, very important I can never get tired wearing my whites..I love my whites. Actors wear sunglasses because.. to look cool without make-up or to hide the truth in their eyes (Laughs) I would die but never wear.. the animal hide or fur.. you know Heels or Flats? Both. I love shoes. We've made that very clear. Lace or Leather? Lace Skirts or Jeans? Skirts Pasels or Solid Solid Straight hair or beach wavy I mean (laughs) I think there's something sexy about beachy textured hair Now that I have answered all your questions I'm gonna go and lie down because seriously I'm just talking too much. I'm gonna go and lie down on my bed just like this.. I can't do this anymore I need my coffee or I will die. But not before answering your few questions (Laughs) Here we have it again.. Let's see.. I can work like this all day just lie down and talk okay I can do this Anyway...

If I had three wishes I would ask for.. one two and some more wishes please that would be my third wish If I could start one business venture what would it be? I want to do a lot of things I have lots that I want to do why just one wait and watch you will come to know in due time If I had invisible cloak for a day I would just..you know be.. writing the obvious wrongs that i've done If I was to go on a date with a marvel hero.. can I please choose Sherlock Please?
Because I think he is.. Awesome.. he is just too cool. If I could cast a spell on the world It would be.. I think for all of us to co-exist peacefully animals and human beings and.. yaa that would be lovely. that would be lovely. If I was a student in Hogwarts I would want the sorting hat to enroll me in Gryffindor If I were to do the interiors of a house I would.. It'll be all white and minimalistic and with lots of plants If I wear to eat one dish for the rest of my life I would.. Panipuri you can wake me in the middle of the night and give panipuri and I will not deny I love panipuri I think that's my coffee and I have to go now It's time to packup that's all about it from me now more next time Bye. 

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