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Thursday, October 24, 2019

What's in my bag with Anushka Sharma

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Anushka Sharma 


There are many things in my bag and just like sigil. I keep a lot of things stuffed in my bag so I can lose a lot of things that's how how they do loses those rings in Japan in Ephesians but let me take you through my bag so first in no particular order and with no arms kind of importance being shown to the first item that I'm going to bring out I carried let it be because I was too much and my immunity keeps dropping and I'm not like my manager see it's terrible she makes me work so much because of exactly following speak and then I have to like medicate myself but I try not to have to mean it too much medication nowadays so this is just for like literal like emergency like when I'm I'm getting really sick and eggplant or self healed myself next I have this thing which is literally the most important thing in my life and I will tell you what this is this is something to help me take care of blisters every girl's problems you should we keep walking to get all your sister and you cannot wear shoes I wear a lot of shoes which are very uncomfortable other than sneakers then I have to lose this amazing thing which is called Pompey and it is virtually the best thing ever invented in the world it's better than with computers and aeroplanes also either way so no of abuse to know it's my security guard and Bablu is my belly either one of them is going to have my bad they got my back my backpack okay next next then there's this one thing that are having my evolved it so check out Kalahari dhaba this is very cube since very old also that is college above is to put things like this thing that I wear these change rather you want anything right no but when I do all your rings because when you're cruising and this is a safe place to keep it and then I can keep it in that okay next certain Taylor I cannot show you because it's private stuff then I have to carry put the yellow house key because I come back home later new video consider for me then very important so important like it's literally too important rubberized you can never have too many rubber bands so I need all of them .

There are more also has no nobody please I mean 5y carry so much baggage then not a very nice thing known as an organized over X put everything but I can say he CDC okay then of course we need a friend to write and you need moreover one this will take an average TV show her to the documents and also because people keep spilling my rubber band then boring stop wallet so boring to regular then what is this lip balm very important you can ever not have your bum go to use it all day every 10 hi did you look how did your body will happen okay then your pond 13:40 listen to music then what is this battery backup see suppose these cell phones that we have are really bad and they give you no battery I say I will change myself then perfume and join okay sweetie hey a little bit of makeup this stays the same no matter what I can do my entire makeup with what is inside this like everything is inside it I can do a full face makeup just the DS product then whatever another thing that's really good i'ma show you on everyone should buy this when you get a feel free and on MSN I will give for free and you also should carry tissue comb in fact I think I should put my hair more often and I don't do enough of it but I should and it's very important to comb your hair my mum says because you have to really like keep circulation going I don't know if I'm saying this like as if I'm giving y'all advice because I don't do it myself but yeah I wish I did this more often this is my little my boat of expressions for mostly on the face because I can't ever find anything technical I just told you complete most important for blisters battery backup and how keep the bomb have to have the bomb the bomb effects and oh goody it's not a thing it's like an organ it's a heart and a brain second order and this is my loyalty card for some please I have no idea where and I sent guys and so he will with me rummaging through my bag an activity a physical activity that helps me keep it. 

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