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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Tamannaah Answers Fans Questions

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Tamannah bhatia

Before we talk some interesting topics in this show... There are some students here want to interact with you. I kept all their names in that box. - Okay! The matter is... we cannot take all the questions. You pick one by one and we pick 10 or 12. - Okay!
Whoever the lucky... They will shoot a question. - Okay. I am fair to everyone. Mixing well. Swarna!
Who is your favourite heroine in olden days?
Of course, Sridevi madam. In case of Telugu movies or Hindi movies... She is like my idol. Same pinch! - Same pinch? Okay, it is good.
Next! C. Nandini Hi, Tamannaah! - Hello! I just love you. - I love you too! Recent movies like Baahubali, Rudramdevi and all... Among all these recent movies, which movie you felt...I did not do this movie.
Nothing in the recent movies... But there was a film Mr Perfect, which I was approached for. I do not remember what the reason was for not doing that movie. After watching that film, I really missed being a part of that film. There is a song, Chali chaliga allindi... I love that song from that film. That was one film, I really missed being a part of it.
You are so sweet and look beautiful in every movie. -
Thank you so much. Kalpana

What is your favourite song?
Favourite song... If you are asking out of my songs, it is Vana vana... R. Kranthi kiran kumar

What is the situation that, you never forget in your life?
 I think it was the first day of the add you saw, right? Fair and lovely add. Because when I faced the camera for the first time, I was really very scared. And very tired, but... But I do not know how the day happened. Actually, that is the most memorable day for me. Sai Konneru

What is your future plan?
I will not plan for the future. I did not know what would happen today evening or tomorrow. It is like that and my life has no plans. Sneha Latha Panvar

Who is your crush in film industry?
Hritik Roshan. I have made it very obvious. I have a huge crush on him. You should tell one more name, because we are feeling bored listening to the same name. In Tollywood? - In Tollywood... I can say Prabas. He is my friend. He is very happy and he is like...

 So Prabas. Adithya Bhatt What kind of roumors you would like to have on you?
You know there was one roumor. There I am doing Avatar part 2. I do not know why. And they colored my face blue... It was published as an article of magazine that, I was cast for Avatar. I said, this is so beautiful and this should take place. So dream of Nikhil will come true. - Yes, almost... It has reached the magazine, but no one has produced that movie.
Okay, next. Megha Raj What Tamannaah will do when she gets angry?
I will eat. Will you do the same? - Yes, of course! - Whom did she eat? Whom? I will eat food.

Vinod Kumar I am asking this question to you, because I am the huge fan of Naga chaitanya. What will you do, if you and Naga chaitanya are left in an island alone?
What will we do... You know you are talking to the most boring people of the planet. I did two movies with chaitanya. He did not come for lunch with me till now. I might have asked him 100 times, come in the lunch break and we will eat together. But he will be sleeping in the lunch break. So even in an island also he will probably be taking a nap. And I will be drinking coconut water. I do not know. I made this for Tamannaah. Jaswanth!  

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