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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Ravi Dubey & Sargun Mehta's Home Invasion

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Sargun Mehta

                      CONVERSASION   SARGUN , RAVI  AND PRIYAM

Sargun: And you’re sitting right in the middle we’ve to decide… Ravi wants you, I don’t.
 Priyam: That's terrible, that's terrible. Main sabko pata hai ki yeh video Sargun ke bina bhi ho sakta hai.
Sargun: What?
Priyam: Hi guys, This is Priyam and we are kicking off Home Invasion with Pepperfry Season 2. So Ravi and Sargun are easily my favourite TV couple . Aur maine suna unka ghar bhi hai bahut hi zyaada baadiya. So are you guys ready? Let's go! Haai Gochuu... How are you? They have a bar of course aate hi.. My kinda couple... priorities are right. It's a wall of love. What a house guys!!
Priyam: Hello hello!
Ravi: Priyam, how are you?
Sargun: Helllo!... Come come come
Ravi : Welcome once again. Of course you can sit here also
Priyam: Of course I’m gonna sit here only.
Sargun: Haha, what was this... home invasion private life invasion?
Priyam: Matlab also like that…. So what's up guys? it’s so good to see you.
Ravi: How's it going?
Sargun: We’re good, how are you?
Priyam: I'm very good but what is this house in Bombay? Itni roshini or hawaa kahan se?
Sargun: Jab hum pehli baar hi is ghar main aaye the na and I opened the windows and I was like we have to buy this house. And you know it’s because of the view yahan se Mumbai, Mumbai nahi lagta. Priyam: When I also walked in I thought ki muhje bhi yeh ghar khareedna hai, phir mere ko thoda message aaya bank ka toh maine kaha theek hai next time perhaps Toh how have you set it up? It’s too pretty.
Sargun: I have furniture that I really like jo actually mujhe bohot time tak nahi mila tha. I got some balcony furniture from Pepperfry.
Priyam: So nice.
Sargun: And it's damn cool.
Ravi: It’s stunning.
Sargun: I think that is maybe...that and one or two more things are the only pieces of furniture that me and Ravi have agreed on and said haan yeh toh lena hi lena hai.
Ravi: Also it keeps the space... you know there.
Priyam: Yeah yeah yeah And it's not too cluttered.
 Priyam: And khuli saas or hawaa. But the bar also, of course... Log toh aate jaate honge yaha pe main bhi aa ja sakti hoon... matlab
Ravi: You're more than welcome yaar.
 Sargun: Nahi nahi…actually no we’re shut ya.
Ravi: Anybody who likes the bar is welcome 24/7
 Priyam: 24/7
Sargun: Rights of entry reserved.
Priyam: Haan, matlab Sargun kuch seekho, kuch seekho. Theek hai?
Sargun: I think Ravi’s favourite part is maybe the bar.
Ravi: You’re making me sound like this micey bewda.
Ravi: My favourite part is...
Sargun: My favourite part is the bar and Ravi’s favourite part...
Priyam: Is...
Sargun: Is... It's the makeup room
Ravi: It's a room essentially dedicated to her
Sargun: Ohhhh...
Ravi: So if I spend any time more than normal there it's only because I have this really massively hot good looking wife whom I have to...
Priyam: Nice save, nice save.
Sargun: Oh ho!!
Priyam: Bohot baatein ho gayi make up room ke..
Priyam: I feel like we should go and check out like the rest of this beautiful place.
Sargun: But, I'm very scared of you
Priyam: Why ya?
Sargun: What if you like mark your territory here like you know...
Ravi: Are you the kinds who marks the territory?
Priyam: I mean... I don't, I don't kiss and tell so, I guess we'll find out.
Sargun: Let's show you.
Priyam: Yaar, what is this ya?
Priyam: Haaa
Sargun: Haaaa
Priyam: Haaa... Thank you!
Sargun: Make yourself comfortable, huh? It’s like your room only.
Ravi: By the way let me tell you your on my side of the bed.
Priyam: So...
Sargun: My side of the bed.
Ravi: My side is my side, none of your side.
Sargun: Please...please!
Priyam: Anyway...Very nice that was I have to say. I really like this white and gold aesthetic Toh kiska hai yeh vision?
Sargun: Yeh vision issi ka hai because I remember ki jab yeh wall bhi ban rahi thi na so we were fighting continuously on what colours should go. Toh halka sa brown zyaada ya brown kam pe yeh bawla ho jata tha. So basically, we got this into place So 80% me and 20% because isne cheekh cheekh ke colours change karaye.
Priyam: Acha acha theek hai
Sargun: And also because he's very particular Nahi yeh itna hi sharp ho na chahiye Yeh itna hi... no curves, no nothing everything should be multipurpose
 Ravi: One thing that I definitely love a lot Is that things that require less space but can be used for multiple things. Like we have this barrel, if you've noticed outside. ya ya the brown one... ya.. ya Ravi: So that brown barrel it makes up for a very very good looking piece of furniture but apart from that you can really store various things inside.
 Priyam: Okay tell me one thing that we don't know yet? Something cool that you guys are doing Sargun: So when we have to celebrate or when we actually get the time together because either i'm travelling or he's shooting and then we don't really see each other. So when we have a day off and we have to celebrate, we will up our tub. I like the whole filmy...uss mein jhagh hai
 Priyam: Of course, of course.
 Sargun: And then we have this whole bucket and we put a champagne and we have our glasses we light candles, we light our chandelier up. And then we sit there and I think we've spoken there for like hours together.
Ravi: In fact five-six hours literally like four-four five-five hours we don't come to know.
 Priyam: I've not heard a word you've said after chandelier because what do you mean you have a chandelier in your bathroom.
 Priyam: I have to go and see. Ravi: That's still our bathroom. Priyam: It's going to happen, I'm going to go see it.
Ravi: Priyam, that's still our bathroom... you know you're getting...
Priyam: Kya chal raha hai yeh sab? Sargun: My god Great colour, great bathroom What a chandelier! Ravi: You like the chandelier? Sargun: What a chandelier, no? Priyam: Isse itna underplay kar rahe ho excited toh tum bhi kaafi ho. Ravi: You like the chandelier? Priyam: I love it Ravi: You can't take it, it's ours! Sargun: Do you want to sit inside? Priyam: We could na? Ravi: No no, you can't do that. Priyam: No? Ravi: You can't do that because you have something else in mind Priyam: What? Ravi: You wanted to see my favourite place Priyam: Yes! Ravi: The makeup room Priyam: The makeup room! Ravi: Right here Sargun: Oh my god, but go there but come out! Ravi takes three hours... you have to come out Priyam: We'll try Toh make up yaha chhupa ke rakha... haaaw! Guys! Sargun: The reason why we look good Priyam: Guys...Shut up! Sargun: Should we... go watch a movie while you're there? Priyam: Nahi matlab main aa rahi hoon thoda Dikhat mujhe ho rahi hai nikalne mein So, I'm thinking... toh agar main aagayi hoon Toh bar ke darshan toh thodi karne chahiye Ravi: Bar ki darshan? Priyam: Bar ki darshan Ravi: Now you're talking! Priyam: Now you're talking baby Ravi: C'mon! Priyam: Let's go, I have a challenge for you guys Sargun: I thought it was my favourite place Sargun: Haaai Ravi: Yeh humara bar aur yeh hamara bartender Priyam: Humara bartender So as you can see, shots shots! I am going to ask you a bunch of questions Ravi: Okay Priyam: Aur agar aap kar sakte ho answer toh kar de na Par agar aap nahi kar sakte... Ravi: Toh kya karna padega? Priyam: Toh agar nahi kar sakte toh yeh shot khud peene hai Isko nahi pilane hai Theek hai? Toh I'm going to leave you to it Because what a beautiful frame Aur phir mai pooch thi hoon, are you guys ready for this? Sargun: Yes Yes Yes. We're ready! Ravi: Go for it yaar Priyam: One celebrity you still feel like a fan girl or fan boy around Sargun: Like starting with Shah Rukh Khan Ravi: Everybody Sargun: Like I would, I don't know what I would do Ravi: One celebrity faint for, jump off the cliff for, die for... Sargun Mehta Priyam: Wooo! Ravi: Yeah Sargun: I knew it, I knew it Priyam: Okay, one thing that the other person does at home that annoys you the most. Sargun: Ravi has this thing of eating chocolates and chips late in the night And I think two three months there was pest control in the house Because we've got a lot of cockroaches So when he pulled the bed ahead... There were chocolate wrappers, chips wrappers... Ravi: Half eaten chocolates Sargun: There were fruity bags, there was so many things because in the morning suddenly when he 'd wake up he'll be like oh shit before she wakes up ...
Priyam: Very mature approach to life Ki mujhe dikh na nahi chahiye
Ravi: Mujhe dikh na nahi chahiye
Priyam: Mujhe nahi dikh na chahiye Sargun: Aur agar aap isko bol do na ki Ravi aapko yeh tax pay kar na hai He will pay at the time jab uska interest tax se zyaada ho jayega
Sargun: Someone you would never want to work with again
 Ravi: You know, Sargun can definitely say it's me I think I really...
Priyam: And you cannot say each other's name.
Sargun: I won't say Ravi's name... But I just had a name pop out in my head which I can't say So, I'm just going to have this shot
Ravi: Arrey baap re. Kaisa laga Sargun?
Sargun: I love it, I could have all of them.
Priyam: Okay, tell us about a foot-in-the-mouth moment you had
Sargun: Okay I'll tell you one. So we had a shot where I have to hold a kid in my arms and give the shot So everybody is standing and everybody is waiting and I'm like, koi mujhe bachcha dega please? Koi mujhe bachcha dega please?
Sargun: And everybody is looking at me thinking...
Ravi: Oh god Sargun, you just said in front of...
Sargun: What is wrong with you?
Ravi: Oh god
Sargun: And I'm like
Ravi: Hey bhagwaan! This is another foot in the mouth. She's repeated the story in front of all these cameras, All of you all...and me
 Priyam: Just because you've not supported this story you please have another shot Okay, a movie or show you hated that you have to pretend to like because bada popular
 Sargun: I'm not thinking of any film.
Priyam: Except for this shot you're going to take. Great! What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you this year
 Ravi: I've hosted one full episode... with my fly open. Priyam: Woaaaa! Sargun: What? Ravi: Yeah... I didn't realize it till the time I got off stage went back in my vanity that the entire episode I had my fly open
Sargun: And you have a problem with my baccha dedho episode? Ravi: Somehow nobody... somehow nobody got to know and I also saw the episode on telecast. Nobody got to know fortunately I was wearing a black pair of trousers So everything was well concealed Priyam: It worked out well... well concealed
Sargun: Is it my turn now? Priyam: Yes!
Sargun: Because I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to tell you anything girl. I'm not going to tell you You're what a girl!
Priyam: Okay...
Ravi: What you're doing right now is highly convinient. Okay? So you came and sat right in the middle of us
Priyam: Yea
Ravi: You went into our bedrooms, sprawled yourself conveniently on the bed.
Priyam: Yes
Ravi: You went into our bathroom, almost went inside my bathtub
Priyam: That rings a bell also, ya!
Ravi: Alright? Now when it comes to doing the difficult part, you're conveniently away asking questions So should I come and have one ganda shot?
Ravi: Not just that, you also tell us one big embarrassing moment of your life Come here!
Priyam: My embarrassing moment?
 Sargun: Yaas yaas
Ravi: Of course! C'mon!
Priyam: Mera matlab kya embarrassing moment? Meri bohot secret hai life guys Ravi: Secret life...is like euphemism for boring? Priyam: I'm going to do this shot because I refuse to answer this question Private and confidential Ravi: Wah!
Sargun: Shot shot shot!
Ravi: How's that?
Priyam: Yaar, yeh bohot ganda tha waise toh Anyways... this was super fun you guys! Thank you for being such sports
Ravi: Thank you very much! Did you guys have a great time?
Sargun: Yeah... it was okay
Ravi: It was fabulous!
Priyam: Sargun, itni jealous kyu hai yaar mere good looks se Tumhari ho gayi hai shaadi, main nahi leke jaa rahi hoon isse
Sargun: No because maine isse dekha tumhe tirchi nazar se dekhte hue
Priyam: Anyway, thank you everybody for watching. This was a fab episode of Home Invasion with Pepperfry Season 2 with these lovely people. Aur ab main jaake inke ghar mein kahin chhup ne waali hoon taaki yeh mujhe nikalna sake So, let me go do that!
 Priyam: And...
Sargun: Pest control zaroor karaungi
Ravi: And it was a pleasure to have you here.
Priyam: Thank you Ravi. Sargun, kuch seekh le
Sargun: Pest control pest control bade maccharon ke liye bade maccharon ke liye
Priyam: Okay, Byeee!
Ravi: So guys, this is it! As you can see we're big big fans of Pepperfry and we've got a lot of their stuff at home
Sargun: Yeah, and if you like what you saw all you have to do is, you've to go visit them and then go buy! You can buy whatever you like You can buy furniture you like, you can buy decor... it's Ravi & Sargun: Happy Furniture to you! 

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