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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Raashi Khanna: What I eat in a day

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Raashi Khanna



Hi I am Raashi Khanna and I gonna share with you guys what I eat in a day not at all I think it is quite the opposite it is in my family I tend to put on very quickly so I need to work harder in the gym and I need to take more care about what I am eating I wake up and have a glass of warm water in the morning and I take 6 almonds in the morning that's the morning ritual I really go by everyday so usually I don't stick to one thing for a breakast or for lunch or for dinner I eat variety of food but I make sure that it is healthy so basically breakfast includes something like egg whites or sometimes I also go for traditional poha or upma stuff like that but I make sure that I I take atleast one teaspoon of ghee everyday in the morning it's very important you really need to eat fat if you want to burn fat so I do that I put ghee in my breakfast everyday afternoon is mostly uh proteins like chicken or fish or sometimes may be anything that my mom cooks at home chana or whatever homemade food and uh I always take mid-meal snacks so my mid-meal around is around so I take my breakfast at 8 o'clock and then at 11 o'clock I either take buttermilk which is very good for your health I take buttermilk during that time and then I eat my lunch by 1.30- 2.00 as I said I have chicken or fish and a alot of vegetables post that at around 4.30 I eat a bowl of fruit very important for your skin and for everything so I eat fruits so by 4 o'clock I eat that and then ah post my gym I take my protein shake and then for dinner.

 I don't do soups and salads at all and I don't suggest you to do it please it's a temporary way of losing weight and eventually you will put on all of it so just stick to your regular roti dal sabzi may be in little quantities so it is very important to workout and to eat proper if you want to lose weight any other thing like diets or you want crash diets it is very temporary you will put it on again it depends on where I am shooting till what time I am shooting but mostly by 8 o'clock max I am an early riser completely and uh I am wild soul who sleeps by 9 o'clock maximum or maximum by 10 actually not late nights at all I am not that person I like uh I like Thai food it actually depends see mornings are the best but if you don't find time in the morning then evenings I think it is best if you workout in mornings but I do it in evenings best post-workout meal you can either have a fruit as soon as you workout is very important that you replenish your body with water when you workout so you need to have atleast 4 glasses of water after you workout and stick to any kind of fruit mostly I take a banana.

 Sometimes I workout so hard so I need like a proper snack after I workout so I usually go for a banana and I also take a protein shake that's very important if you have any event that you where you need to show a specific area like maybe the mid-riff then you really like suck it in then you should avoid eating carbs like a day before that and please don't give up on carbs it is very important you eat carbs for your energy please ladies don't do that so ya umm for events specially if I have to show a certain place I make sure that I do my bit by cutting down on carbs and otherwise for films obviously like if it's a certain character you really need to work on then definitely there are planned workouts according to the kind of body I would want for a film I cheat all the time and you please cheat all the time it is important to live your life work hard in the gym but cheat and eat what you like not like go over board but it I like chocolate then I eat chocolate but I make sure that I take it out in the gym I don't eat fried food and it's not because it's it's not good anyway but not even a foodie so I would suggest that you give up on fried foods because it is not really good for your health I don't like being on the machines all the time so I do a lot of stuff on the mat sometimes I do yoga also and a lot of times it's basically on your body weight so a lot of kick-boxing a lot of different varieties of workout actually alcoholic drink it cannot be healthy but I am a wine drinker so I just I drink wine sometimes once in a while and I think it is good for your health I like puffed rice I eat that it's healthy I also eat bhel sometime cause I like bhel this is what I eat during a day and uh all I can tell you is that you should eat your meals on time you should definitely work out if you want to lose weight don't go on crash diets it won't help you it will ruin your skin it will ruin everything it will ruin your metabolic system workout please take out one hour at least for your self in a day I am sure you can do it and uh stay away from fried food eat healthy be healthy I hope it helps you this is what works for me but I know everybody is different so find what works for yourself .

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