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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Kriti Sanon Exclusive: Right Now Is The Best Time To Be A Woman In Bollywood |

Kriti sanon latest talk in india today channel. Kriti- I always feel great being at any platform associated here. I've done the mind rocks and it's been a great experience. I really genuinely feel like interacting with you all personally sitting here it's so much more fun than being on social media and Instagram and instead stories and just showing you a part of my life here is going to be more heart-to-heart hopefully and always chatting with you so Shawn has been amazing right she's you know as I said her energy is infectious now you're an outsider in Hindi cinema.

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kriti sanon

First question is being a woman you know and not to an outsider and Hindi cinema how is that experience is it nerve-wracking what you have to go through ??

ANS-  oh I don't know what outsider right now I think I'm slowly sort of trying to get there trying to get more comfortable. I am way more comfortable at the filmy parties now for sure but I would say that being a woman in the film industry I think today like right now is the best time to be a woman in this industry because there are so many meteor paths. being written there's so many better roles being written now for women there's so many films which revolve around a female protagonist that are doing so well you know they're collecting the box office they're making the profits the making the producers a lot more confident to make many more such films and there have been many examples and I think today women are also being a little more selfish a little more wanting to do you know craving for the meteor paths. I want to do a lot more than just being there for four scenes and two songs and being happy about it and I'm glad that changes happening cinema is changing right now completely you know the audience has become way too smart and they just want to see something interesting entertaining worthwhile their time worth spending the money that they do in the theaters what's the two hours of time that they're giving they want to be entertained they want to watch something different and you know I was reading that women very very long back when the other self alkie had made the first film raja harishchandra he was not finding female actors because it was sort of looked down upon and male actors actually played the female roles also you know the dressed up as women and they played the female roles if you see from there to now we've really come a long way. definitely but I genuinely feel like there's so much more to do and there's so much more to go for you know I love what you said post the success of Luca should be that bias the attention always diverted to the male star and that's still a problem that you know when I filmed as well the hero has to say he walks away with all the accolades and the heroine is just like what arm candy ah I would sort of disagree with that because I think somewhere things were taken in a different way that also happens in this industry that you see something by the time it's written and then reposted by people who become something else so I I generally feel like I did get a lot of credit for Luca to be and I'm very happy about it I want to clarify it on this platform my interview would that I give on credit in general was not about a particular film I genuinely feel like so I was asked that how do you feel when a reviewer writes a paragraph on male actors performance and then writes for a female actor she looked really good and did her job well and trust me this has happened with me and I'm not occupy look at Rafi I mean it's happened with me many times and I'm not saying all reviewers very few there are still those Guinea today who who sort of still do die where you see like a paragraph written on how the performance of the guy was and when it comes to the female actor it just like is one two lines and I would love feedback you know I would love you to just even if you don't like it just see it and that has happened with me I think that needs to start changing it has happened with me in Rabta where I actually had a lot to do for the first time when I was like oh here I'm gonna read what how they like me as an actor and I just feel like in some some sort of missed it also some wrote like Sasha and then Jim and then I was like there's my name so that happened with me in 1 2 reviews that has changed a little bit but there was a debate that started with Topsy saying something and then I joined in and then Arjun joined in where it was more about the mentions in headlines you know it's very often that a film that is even a rom-com or you know for example look how should be that that way so there was some site that had written mr. Bachchan's but LA and karthik Aaron's look at should be farewell at the box office so that's where Topsy had said that you know I think the female actors have also worked equally hard but I think you forgot to mention them so then leading onto that you know equality and Liberty yeah how do you look at those you know values in the industry right now with a lot of newcomers coming in yeah automatic doors equality like gender equality gender equality there's pay parity so I feel like things are changing a lot as I said there are better roles being written treatment wise also things are really changing it's it's not like you you feel like you're not treated well or anything nothing like that things are becoming way better for females as I said I think women also sort of standing up for themselves and wanting to do meteor paths wanting to prove themselves but there are few incidents that keep happening here in there which which still makes you feel like it's a patriarchal world I mean pay parity is definitely one of those there is a huge huge difference I feel how how can that be resolved will it ever be resolved by the way so I personally feel I do agree that though remuneration should be somewhere related to how much you have to do how much effort you have to put in a film how much you do in a film your part and also the number of audiences that you are able to pull into the theater.

 it makes sense I feel if two actors a million if he may probably have equal amount of role in the film and maybe the male actors popularity is a little more the difference would be somebody like payment difference something like two and six or two in eight okay there is still that more times there are some times when say the male actors popularity is a little more he's probably little more up there where the difference goes to two and twenty or thirty so 10-15 times of what the female star is making and with the even higher ones if you say the difference also goes up to a two and hundred so I just feel like that that gap I cannot understand if you're getting 2 lakhs he's getting too close like that I feel like that gap I I don't understand that I mean I understand the gap being there of a film that is around a female protagonist not always pulls in as much audience as maybe what we should start calling male oriented films we never say that but we say women oriented films so I feel like yeah maybe they pull in a lot more audiences into the theater but I feel it's changing like you know women aren't now there is a there is a peak who there is a queen there is a Razzie there is you know there are these films that that sort of have been around the female character have also made the money so I feel the things are changing and as things that change I can feel maybe the Remini region is not changing as much that gap is not reducing as much so so I feel women themselves need to sort of start taking up a stand when a guy sort of increases his fee a lot people say but then people give but when a woman increases a lot it's like how can you ask for this much you know how how can you ask for this much money what what nonsense I think she's gone you know too high in her head so I feel that that needs to sort of change and I think women also need to stand up for themselves in terms of if I say gender bias or whatever I feel like only once I've faced something little bit here in there which like for example I was working with an actor who was not a bigger actor than me no I would not say that Alistair but but it's not like he's bigger than me you know yeah same level or whatever and like giving a better car on shoot it's I am okay travelling in any car which is comfortable as long as my legs fit in it's fine but giving a better car you know you you just feel you don't feel it otherwise but when you see a difference you're like why you showing me that difference and we were promoting a film and one day I was given a room you know we had to get ready in a hotel so we were given a hotel room to get ready and I was in a room and it was sort of small for the whole team and all the costumes and everything to fit in the next day we arrived a little earlier and we got a slightly bigger room and then the male actors team came in and said that oh sorry oh no no girl T's a murder room up good idea so by then I was already settled I was like listen I am said to like I'll move now because I think I felt that I didn't I deserved it and it's not like I didn't deserve it so so I feel like you need to sort of stand up for yourself sometimes and and value yourself and only when you value yourself can the other person start valuing you so yeah that's they're talking about the other person valuing you everybody's favorite subject let's get down to love okay this is your favorite subject everyone's favorite subject so uh the unsightly industry you know doing very well for yourself love is always a complicated subject for all film stars I have seen you know relationships work sometimes they get written about a lot you are linked up to a lot of people is there no time for love really or do you crave for it no that's that's absolutely not true there's you can always make time for love and if you're not able to amend your life is sadder I mean you should be able to make time for love what else I believe work should be a part of your life and not your entire life so I value relationships a lot be it my family my friends or a special one right now I don't have one so how so I do value and I think love is a beautiful thing and love is not complicated I think people love people complicate relationships and that's how I made we're humans which we overthink being can over think of myself but yeah I feel like when you're genuinely loved you'll make time for it and if you're not making time for it that means you're not probably in love because you're making excuses what are you looking for in a guy then your ideal a guy that you would like I don't think exists yeah we all are what would you settle for other qualities I think I look for an organic connect I feel I look for something which is not explainable you know you just meet someone and you connect and you feel something and you don't I feel like love should not have a reason it should not be that I love this person because this because that reason can always vanish you know it's it's probably deep love and you don't know why it is there you know you just love the person for who he is all of it and loyalty is definitely something that I definitely look for and that is something that I can't do without and that is something that's also very rare so so yeah that is there but I I think I'd like my guy to have a good sense of your mom I'd like him to be able to have conversations with me and also be okay doing think with each other you know like just sitting in one room and not doing anything and you doing your own thing and still being comfortable there and just a lot of care I think I'm not more for materialistic person I think for me small efforts matter a lot small genuine efforts when it's not a Valentine's Day when it's not a birthday and you know these little things that you do for each other maybe like knowing that okay we're going through a movie and she's gonna feel cold let me carry a jacket oh oh she's coming from shoot and she must be hungry let me order something you know so small things like that or even like getting no matter how cliche might sound getting a random rose and giving it to you it will put a smile on your face no matter what no matter how your day has gone you will still feel better so if you like some what would you be willing to make the first move oh yeah I mean I'm someone who who if I'm feeling something I usually say it out I have a problem keeping things inside you know I feel like whether I'm in love with someone whether I'm upset with someone or angry with someone I might not really wait for you to ask me I might just say it out before and I would be okay making the first move though I would love it if the guy makes the first move so I'm a little cliched stereotypical like that talking off CEO types you know that a lot of how women are portrayed on the big screen in India as you said we've had a lot of good cinema coming in a lot of meteor roles for women but they are still I had just had a very intense discussion slash debate with Shahid on Kabir Singh you know how that went and the guy doesn't give an option to the girl and just have you seen it just you know sort of yeah picks it up and then even Katrina you know I said I love your work but why do you reduce yourself in let's say a tubs of hindustan but people say only she's only dancing you know in the film she doesn't really have a role and for Katrina Kaif to do that how do you look at women being portrayed on the big screen sexuality wise also lot of times they're reduced to being arm-candy how you think women are portrayed on the big screen in Hindi cinema right now I think there's a mix of everything you know as you said there are there are still certain those kind of rules but I feel like to each his own yeah I mean I feel like you as actors as performers we're entertainers what we feel like doing we feel like being a part of a project for certain reasons that might be just reasons good enough for us you know so if Katrina felt like being a part of tugs of hindustan she fell she saw something in the film she is a fabulous dancer and if she feels like doing that it's her choice there's nothing wrong in that I personally am someone who craves to do a different rule and that's something I look for having said that it's not like I would I would still go and do an era era in Colunga I would still do an okapi haveli pay in three because I also love dancing I've known myself as someone who loved dancing before I loved acting before I knew I could even act so I think I'm I'm fine even doing those dance numbers that doesn't make me feel degraded you know it's all in the head I feel yes if you're trying to portray something wrong to the society where I would never do something that degrades a woman or feel sleazy or feels you know putting my self-respect down I would not do that but at the same time I feel I don't want to restrict myself key Ethan are all who got oh you make a runge sometimes I feel like you know if you're making a difference to the film in any form and it's five scenes also you can still make an impact in five scenes Brad Pitt has done so many films like one two films where he's done two scenes or three scenes and you feel like wow that's a character so I feel stereotypes of women I mean it's changing with time there there are these bolder films Vidya Balan has done so many films you know which which I feel has changed a lot for women in general Dirty Picture is not a very it's not how you normally used to see women in films taboos character and odd one I would love to do that I would love to do a gone girl you know which which you don't expect out of me which you know you you feel like oh she's a girl next door and she seems really sweet oh my god what happened to her that's what I want to actually play I and I crave to do those kind of things you know with the whole there was this whole me to movement started last last year lots of names came in now it seems to have fizzled out .

Do you think the industry is now a safer place for women or was it just you know a social media campaign in India was a social media campaign ?

 I think I'm very glad that we actually spoke about it it takes a lot of guts for any woman or for that matter man who's gone through something like that to speak about it in public I don't know if it's become a safer place but yes I do feel that it's made a difference that we sort of needed it it's got that fear in this industry and for that matter why this industry I feel every industry you know in in corporates also I feel everywhere it's got this fear that okay if I do something wrong or if I try and utilize my position and try and like manipulate someone there are strong chances that that person is gonna speak up and I'll be screwed I don't know if I'm allowed to say that word but okay so I feel that fear was very very was much needed here and I'm glad that it's happened unfortunately the cases that kind of come up in these me two movements are more like he said she said the incidents that have happened not recorded nobody's been around how much can you really do in terms of getting justice you know in those cases I just feel like it is sad but unfortunately lawfully there's not so much that can be done but at least that fear is there and I'm glad that it's coming what's next so kriti Sanon what's next for me well firstly houseful for is releasing this Diwali the promos are about to be out very soon in a few days so I'm very excited about that there is panty pots which is my first proper period film I would say where I'm playing her my Russian character for the first time with a shoot ochakov our cursor and our June who's been that's going to release by the end of this year there is a very very special film I would say that I have signed and I'm going to be starting very soon called Mimmi which is on surrogacy and that's a very very special subject and I also feel that's probably my first film which is more around my character and the female protagonist and playing Mimi is going to be very special as I said guys there are meteor pass those kind of films that are being written and being are coming up which is really great and this is one special one I will also be in this one working back again with Laxmi thicker so who's directed look at you pee and my absolute favorite Pankaj to party so who I've had a great great equation on and off screen . 

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