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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Kajal Aggarwal's Home Invasion

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Kajal Aggarwal

Everyday I wake up feeling fabulous! Is it weird that, I'm scared a little bit? What? No! Hi guys! This is Priyam. And today, I'm standing at probably the most iconic location in Mumbai. Our guest today is Kajal Aggarwal and this is her view! So today we're gonna go and meet the girl behind the star and find out what she really lives like. So, follow me on another episode of Home Invasion Season 2 with Pepperfry. So, are you guys ready? Let's go! Hi! Hello you! Come on in. Look at you, lookin' so nice Look at you! Welcome! Thank you! Welcome to my humble abode. Means not humble. But great! Absolutely is. Come. Let's go! So, welcome. I'm loving this vibe. This is my very special little tea bar. The very famous little tea bar. Yes it is. A different kind of bar for me but I'm here for it. Not your scene, I know. Not my scene. But well... it is very exciting I think you need some nice hot refreshing tea. Wahi toh. Aur matlab kya? Can I ask for something else? Chup chap le le Thank you! Should we do a little cheers? Cheers! And a tribute to the kind of bars I'm used to. To good health To good health Okay yeah, to the kind of bars you're used to as well. And also detoxing, which is great. Of course. So, I love your house. I've already told you this. It's got such a nice vibe.

 What I want to know is that with your schedule and just the hundred thousand things you're up to everyday, how involved are you when you think of putting your house together? Kaisa lage? Kya feel ho? Kya vibe? So, to be honest, I don't think it's that difficult anymore. I mean everything is available online thanks to this whole internet boom we have like thousand pictures and like thousand references that you can always plug in and out of. And you know exactly what your house can feel like and look like. The kind of vibe that you want for your house etc. Now for me, personally, I like my house to be very contemporary but at the same time minimalistic luxe. Yeah I don't like a cluttered environment. Because even when I walked in, I was just like this is so like clean I like it. I like it that way. I like defined lines, I like it to be very geometric, I like statement pieces. So, for example, this particular chair that we're sitting on... Which I love Yeah, so this is from Pepperfry. And... I like this because it's classy, it's simple. But at the same time, it adds an element of colour. Yeah. Yeah. It's a nice pop. And it's a nice contrast to generally the low-key vibe. The neutrality of the house. Yeah yeah yeah. So that's how I usually like to style my living. Absolutely. Do you have lots of like friends coming over all the time? I do, I do. Like if we were friends, which now we are... Yes we are. Ya...So like do you entertain a lot of people here? Hint hint, huh guys just by the way. Not so subtle. So, do you have lots of people that you entertain? I do, I do. I entertain a lot. And I like it that way. I like having people over, I like wining and dining and teaing. What I wanted to ask you, because even right now you're talking about all your friends are around and all of that. But you are shooting means all the time. But it's comfortable. It's comfortable. It's well spaced out. One schedule at a time. One schedule at a time. You know, time to drink your chai, work out, meditate? Little things. That's amazing! Toh mai toh apne ghar se nahi nikalti hoon bahar kabhi bhi. Accha. So I understand that when you come back home, you need this to be a place where you can meditate. And you have also in the past like I know that you are a very spiritual person and I know I've been wanting to take up meditation, So do you have any tips like... So is this beautiful area your spot? I can imagine you sitting on this chair and being like zen. So when, I know it does give very zen vibes, But I have another specific spot where I sit and I meditate. Should we go look at your specific meditation spot? Please! Absolutely. And I'm getting into this tea, really! So come! This is so nice! And that's my lovely meditation spot. It's really cute. I really like it. So I like to decorate this space with like elements of nature, plants and you know those little wooden artifacts and candles and that lovely rug. And incidentally, I bought all of this from Pepperfry. That's amazing! And it's a really nice like cosy little spot and again if like after this is over, if you find me here, don't get too alarmed! I will be shocked and appalled! I mean like find you at a space which like all calm.... That's not even possible. No no. But that's what I want to talk to you about Because I know that I'm also very actively interested in taking up mediation, if that makes sense Because I know that it helps, you know? Like I know that whenever I've tried to do it, it has been nice.

So, how has that changed your life in anyway? What is the importance of meditation? Massively. You know? I am someone who's just so hyperactive it's like insane. I'd be like bouncing and rolling off...floor like you know floor to ceiling. So, I really needed this in my life and I just feel it's helped me calm and soothe my nerves. Especially in very stress situations. Especially when there's this influx of anxiety, which happens to all of us at any given point of time in the day. All of that does add up, it does pile on. And, you just have this whole energy debris...you know what I'm saying? And you do kind of need to shut that off! And I feel that this is something that has really helped me. I feel like a terrible person for even telling you this now. Because now you're talking about meditation and how you deal with stress. But, unfort- Now what? You like my hair. I love your hair! But unfort... I have to do something that may stress you out a little bit. What? But, it's going to be fun! Do I even know her? Because agar tum aaye ho aur phir matlab you've been so nice to me, such nice host and all... But thoda toh challenge-wallenge kara te hai tum se. So, should we go? Are you ready for a challenge, Kajal? Oh I hate challenges! There are rules, but you can make up all the rules because this is your house and what am I going to do, really? Exactly. Bring it on! Theek hai? Toh I have here, a couple of like sentences and I need you to say it in, either an accent or a tone. And this is my accent and tone fan. Ungliyo peh. Ungliyo peh. Tumhari saari feelings ab mere haathon mai hain. So you get to... Dude, she comes to my house and threatens me! So you get to pick a sentence, you get to pick a feeling and then you've to say it I mean like you're an actor... You should be able to do this. Let's do it! Let's do it! Okay so I'm supposed to say guys, home is where the heart is. And I'm supposed to say it in a valley girl American accent like Kim Kardashian. So, home is where the heart is. You know like that's just how it goes? Lit or Lame? Lit! Always lit, Kajal! Okay. No.2. Okay, are we ready for this? Tu Jaanta nahi hai mera baap kaun hai! I got a little scared! Guess! What was I trying to do? You were trying to scare me, because you're a psychopath! Psychopath. That's right! Kaun kambaqt bardaash karne ko peeta hai? You tired, Kajal? Exactly! We will do this very painlessly, let's go! Okay... You're quite good at this though, I have to say My business is my business, it's none of your business. Just easy on the alcohol, Kajal. Just easy on the alcohol. Shaken, and not stirred. Is that, is that a British accent? Yea, baby! Not bad! Not bad! Killing it, I tell you. Matlab James Bond, who? Oh my god! I can't do this. But you'll do it, you'll do it, you'll do it. I could um I could die for you but um I wouldn't... and I haven't even said the lines right. See I'm so frikkin' nervous right now. No no... you got me, you got me. And wouldn't live for you. Do you want some um croissants? or bonjour mademoiselle. Is that your French girl accent? Yes! That's french! Very nice! Very, very nice. Every day I wake up feeling fabulous! Is it weird that I'm scared a little bit? What? No! This is not supposed to be scary! Are you, are you are you being like an annoying child? Yeah. Child like Chalo hogaya ab, yaar! Hogaya hogaya. Akhri karle hai, ek? Last. Last kar lete hai, chalo This is so ideal for the end and for like the last one. Cannot wait! I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good. I know you're pretending to be sick but you're not sick of us, you love having me around. Say it na, quickly? No... ...Dying! You're not! You're just... Okay now, the other two you've got to do. Means I can't guys. Oh c'mon, ya! Dekh bhidu, aisa hai... The only thing I look to na, on the weekend ki mai soya thoda matlab aaram se yeh nahi ho raha hai mere se anymore. Did you guess it? Haye! Uff! Wah wah wah wah wah! What did I do? What did I do? She was a tapori, guys. Guys! And this was brilliant! Just please can we pack up? Mera Oscar mera wait kar raha hai Oh! One more I have to do? Last karke ja ye, madam ji! This is true! The emotion and sentiment is matching because Kajal I have to tell you... That I am in a committed relationship with my bed. Because I'm happy, I really am. This was fab, Kajal. As usual it's been so fun hanging with you. Not bad ya! You rockstar, who says you're not an actor? Hai na? Matlab this is... Chhupa hua talent dekhiye, please. Just stop it! Okay but this is a wrap. This was fabulous. Did you have a good time today, Kajal? Yes! Lots of fun. This is a fab house! I had a great time. Thank you! 

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