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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Get Ready With Janhvi Kapoor | Brunch Makeup Look

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Janhvi Kapoor


Hi everyone I'm getting ready to go for a brunch party and I'm going to show you how I do my makeup this is my go-to look this is what I usually do when I'm you know going out but it's not an event because fur vests I usually have makeup artist helps me out but when I'm getting ready and I know a lot of people don't be there and I want to look pretty this is what I do so for summer you know this is my dream I've always wanted to do like a makeup tutorial so even when I be in my room doing my makeup as a kid I pretend that I'm doing a makeup tutorial and even will not be cooking in kitchen because I used to be obsessed with Nigella Lawson's cooking show so always be like and now I'm gonna use a dollop of cream yeah sorry photographic but now I'm going to start so I've got my hair out of my face and I'm wearing a white dress so I'm going to keep the local little beachy there's nothing on my face right now so I'm going to start with the night cap concealer and I'm going to use the yellow corrector because I was told by someone that I have a yellow undertone [Music] because I hate I hate makeup when you can tell that your way I'm going to use the sculpting and hydrating foundation in pure ivory but I'm gonna use it as a concealer because I don't actually use foundation I don't like to I feel like it if you don't need it it can make your skin look chalky so I've mixed shade 1 and shade 2 I'm just gonna mix it together and it is super smooth and creamy I really like how natural this looks for your skin because it's so thin and it leaves this really hydrating bluey texture which micelle of really not sure which I love so now I'm going to go in with my eyebrows my sister always makes fun of the way I do my eyebrows because I either barely ever do it or I / 9 it but she's like an expert on doing so no eyebrows now I'm gonna go in with my eyes actually gonna use the highlighter on my eyes but before that I'm going to shake it and shadow a little bit [Music] today you're losing a brown shadow underneath just my crease you know windshield wiper motion hurt this in another YouTube video and I've been wanting to see it ever since windshield wiper motion like a highlighter and let the shade moonshine 3 first I'm going to go on with the darker one I think doing a let's go create pretty done I'm going to use the I am 24/7 capture and I'm just gonna put it on my eye I used to see my mama Doha makeup and she could literally do her eye makeup and in a moving car without looking and I've always been told that you just need to know how to you need to know I office any detail on how to do your makeup because no one knows your face the way you do so I just watch one don't know [Music] Malibu Barbie okay so you guys need to know that these are really pigmented so go easy to tap off all the excess and [Music] my blush can make you look fresh even when you're dying on the inside of me up which I depend on the highlighter highlighter say of Kachemak passion - may use Conejo bronze gold and blush gold moonshine free joking many many our copper we use key American attorney who have nature I put my brief to every makeup artist as much a highlighter made do Basel Commission let carpet fun here a Keith analogue matching edge IRA we have made our goal I think I've gone overboard with it but it's ok because what life to live on my nose because it makes it look sharp now I'm gonna go in with uh with my lip color I'm using the lip stone a lip liner instead of fight I love the name so there's this trend that I remember people in the 70s and 80s with a darker color right color you know that makes our lips look fluffier now that I've lined I'm going to mix ten thousand gazillion colors and mixing pink on fleek with Lacey luck spice spice baby we mix it I'm just dab it on my lips I usually like dabbing my lipstick on because I feel when I apply it straight it looks too much and I look kind of like a drag queen lucky I'm good to go so I'm going to change and I will show y'all my final look so now I'm basically ready I've changed into my outfit [Music] she's a Oprah's belt or tired as you know done and I'm ready that's my look my brunch look it was easy I don't think I took more than ten minutes to finish my look thank you guys so much for watching I hope you had fun 

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