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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on Aaradhya, paparazzi's 'tamasha' and her biography .

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Paparazzi yes we can on a human level engage in requesting humanity you know requesting some semblance of sanity around children I'm in a normal world walking out and going to my car van full the marshals going on around you I saw her smile I saw her eyes light up in this age of rawness aw it's not that difficult for an actor and actress to be relevant but today I have somebody who has stayed relevant over the last 25 years if I'm not wrong so welcoming Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in a conversation.
Hi you know um the the way this film came to you is a story in itself do you think it was godsend well it certainly made me feel that I don't know godsend or some kind of divine no decision because it was so sudden and I'm thought off and quick and everybody was fighting within that window of time I mean it was all yeah kind of being again coerced into just do it you know just make it happen I had just seen I mean I imagine I was in can when they came there with it and I hadn't for whatever reasons managed to see the movie back then and over the years whatever have not seen the movie after all these years I happen to see Maleficent on that Sunday or Monday off the week where like today at the press call I'm hearing him say that on Monday morning they thought of it on Monday or Sunday night they have ended up seeing that movie with around here and even a B was they're surprised because he's always always out and travelling work-wise so we are like okay cello let's watch Maleficent and then we end up liking it we end up liking her character were like oh and I was doing oh she's actually wonderful because we all discovered that on yeah this day and then two days later I'm putting around her to bed and I'm putting my alarm on for the next morning mommy is checking on alarm for wake up for school or everyday just kind of just putting that and suddenly on the face this message comes on and says Maleficent and I'm like so obviously I'm like wait what am I really I said Maleficent it was a message of Arjuna and I'm going Maleficent and there's it emeriti like check email and I'm like and I said it aloud so when Aradhya goes what a Maleficent you're doing Maleficent and we knew the the pro was kind of out coming about me were like you know the English version and I'm like no no the film's already done this is some kind of voiceover or whatever we were worried I'll address it later but you know immediately we're all smiling and I mean she's like oh wow I don't know it's not the movie it's a voiceover but we consider it let's have a look at it but I saw her smile I saw her eyes light up and I was like okay this is some kind of divine coercing into possibly doing it because you know the moment I saw her bright-eyed and beady eyed about you kind of think okay we'll just check on it consider it and then it all had to be done really quickly I was traveling the following week to Paris and all of that sounds like and they had to do it within this window of time we had to shoot the promo within that window of time I was like oh my god will everybody be available I kind of want to do it with these professionals we have to make it happen but everything divinely fell into place and it happened you know tell me something we're in the movie in the movie Angelina's character she talks like yoga also in Hindi she talks about not and anger what is it we've never really seen you get angry what is it that can get you instantly angry one thing that you would never you would never tolerate but that need to be one thing what is it that you know the list of the wrongs whatever wrongs you want to list are the ones that will be intolerable as a human being I mean as a sensitive caring human being so there are many to list there I don't think we want to take the conversation there because that'll be another one I also want to know what was your first interaction with Angelina Jolie like so how do I break this down very simply have I met her actually no I missed meeting her and I think she had come to South Africa for one of our award functions and it was I think for hum dil de chuke a Salaam when she and Shahrukh Oh presenting my best actress award so I missed meeting her then and we just so I've not had a conversation with her we've just kind of clocked each other in can when she was doing she they had come to remote - kung fu panda and yeah it was nice seeing her at the time and acknowledging her work as an audience but no great conversations to talk home about to make this more glorious or more colorful than it should be because that's the honest truth would I like to meet I have to be wonderful at some point in time let's see what's meant to be I think she's done a wonderful job with the way she's brought Maleficent to life and endeared her to the audience and even her body of work what a variety I think as an actor it's wonderful that she's had and she's chosen and opted to do such a great variety of characters and work and that's fun as a female actor from another part of the world I obviously appreciate the fact that she's had such varied experiences there's this constant debate about the paparazzi culture that is growing and growing and growing in India today recently Gauri Khan in an interview said that Abram has told her that he doesn't want to go outdoors I wanted to play indoor because he doesn't want to get clipped by the photographer's and even Kareena said remaining to be very recently to me that time or even doesn't like little selfies with us because he's like no amano pictures so do you think that this is affecting the kids and their formative years also how how do you protect her from all this protect is the keyword that I think it's natural it's a natural instinct of every parent there's no going away from that that is who we are and will always be till I keep saying I lost my last breath or our last breath on this planet so that is that's a given having said that this is a given I mean however much we might want to discuss it let's face our reality it's not going away this is the way of our chosen life this is part of our industry this is part of it's like you know several years ago people used to discuss brickbats or reviews and really get selecta a reaper here it's a quick read you need a novella this is there there will be opinions so you choose to walk away I had said this back then paparazzi yes we can on a human level engage in requesting humanity you know requesting some semblance of sanity around children yeah because you know if the to loud we can say please guys tone it down because you don't want to scare kids because you're not going to be go away and we are not going to disappear from the face of the earth so the only way out I feel is we're actually engaging and talking and conversing and hoping to at some moment in that frenzy hopefully be able to connect with some kind of a humane side and people sometimes you succeed many a times you don't and you kind of go with the turf we have to accept that I mean a phones photographs you've got amid paparazzi I love everybody's paparazzi but today thanks to smartphones everybody is now it is technology going to disappear from the face of this earth No so we all have to figure out our ways and it's uncomfortable it isn't comfortable I think intruding on on privacy was will always be an extremely uncomfortable situation but I think we all have to figure it out here we on this side the photographer's on that side you still have to figure it out how are you going to get your picture without it becoming completely nuts and we have to figure out a way which you probably never will to try and live with it sometimes you comply sometimes you behave like it's not even happening around you and you just kind of behave like we are I'm in a normal world walking out and going to my table and full commercials going on around you and I have always spoken to my daughter throughout from small I try and weirdly I guess to us keep it real and normal for her but I'm always hoping and thinking for us it's probably weird because we have lived in a world when it wasn't there yeah she's born into a world where it's only been there so I try and make it normal for her within that and it's tough explaining it because to us it's just not normal but I'm still trying to and I see it fortunately I'm able to so far keep a twinkle in her eye and I make it funny I kind of do some kind of sense of humor within there and yeah there are days when she'll be like oh god why and I'll be like yeah there what you do yeah it's that you know you can't just rush it aside because it's there it's going on and then I'm like but we are talking now we've talked about what we are talking how does it matter what's going on outside the car or within the car or siren Airport Aurora what we're still chatting discussing whatever we were and we get on with it so I keep it real with her lastly there's ride there's a side to you which a lot of people don't get to see behind the cameras is there a plan to put a biography in place you asked me in a song so every time she meets me I hope that me he's trying to introduce the idea saying just do it is what you tried it a better film or a book is there a plan do you have an idea but would you be okay with it one step at a time but you so much it was a lovely conversation . 

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