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Thursday, October 24, 2019

73 Questions With Deepika Padukone

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Deepika Padukone

Got the paper for hey we are sealing that no I wasn't stuck just kidding come on in Deepika I am thrilled to be asking you seventy-three questions.
Q.And tell me what brings you to New York City ?
    My first ever American Vogue cover shoot
Q. Wow congratulations thank you and how often are you here ?
     very often
Q.What's the first place you visit when you land in New York City?
     centric block favorite restaurant York City ABC kitchen
Q.When did you first ever come to New York City?
     1999 I think
Q. Where were you born ?
      Denmark Copenhagen
Q.do you speak any Danish one?
    word its school which means cheers
Q.how many languages can you speak?
    about six
Q.where is home in India?
Q.can you describe India in three adjectives?
    Wow want diverse and full of culture
Q.what do you love most about it exactly that now?
 if I only had 24 hours to spend in Mumbai what should I do walk around South Mumbai eat a lot and come visit me done yes and are there any similarities Mumbai has two New York guns
Q. what do you miss most about Mumbai in India when you're away?
   food and family I would love to go there one bit um can I offer you something some water maybe       yeah that'd be great thank you come on well it's extremely cozy in here thank you and growing up
 Q.what was your favorite Bollywood film of all time?
     Oh mr. India
Q. do you describe a typical day on a Bollywood film?
    set a lot of hard work a lot of fun and great food cinema or stage cinema drama or comedy
Q.thank you jump now I heard a rumor that you're an amazing dancer can you bust out a move for me right now ?
     who told you that I'm not telling uh in a bit I'm just warming up okay well I'm not letting you off        the hook now as someone who has worked in both Bollywood and Hollywood
Q.what would you say are the biggest similarities between the two places ?
      it's all the same what if anything surprised you about Hollywood how welcoming people work          what director would you most like to work with Damien she said if you can go back and start any       film what would it be a wife died anacs to work with Leonardo DiCaprio such a heartthrob
Q.what would you say has been your most challenging film ?
    but Moffat what's more competitive professional badminton or professional modeling fish no              badminton was there a
Q.Anything you learned as an athlete that you found useful in your modeling in acting career ?
     a lot of things but discipline what do you consider to be a life-changing moment in your career            the     movie I did cocktail do you recall a specific moment
Q.when you realize that you can make a career in acting ?
      oh yeah I remember that okay and observing your multi-faceted career path do you see yourself        pivoting towards something different again pretty production being a producer I love that and
    what do you find most interesting about that I know so and what's something interesting here you         have to try that you'd love to master I've already tried but I'd love to master a headstand let me                show you okay it you're gonna need the practice now let's go wanna turn just how busy are you        at       the moment eight point five
Q.what's your favorite way to unwind after a long day ?
on set binge watch
Q.and do you know yeah perfect do you do oh one second what is the one thing that you would consider yourself ?
 to be a master at badminton I wonder who's at the door hi thank you so lovely flowers is this from you no trying to make up the stealing the newspaper I would never do such a thing typical
Q.what's your most overused phrase ?
Q.and what would you say is your most overused emoji ?
in a good way the hard emoji
Q.what's the phrase you wish people would stop saying ?
Q.what are you most excited about in 2019 ?
the film I'm gonna start working on but you recently said why the second do you want to come with me you know please these upstairs
Q.okay you recently said in a GQ interview that you like to talk to flowers I do okay show me good morning if you were a flower what flower would you be?
    I'd love to be hydrangeas white ones now judging by your Instagram you're traveling so much yes
 Q.where were you last obviously what's one travel hack that you can share with me ?
    um hydration always hydrate
Q.what's the country you're desperate to visit that you haven't been to yet ?
    I've already been due but I'd love to visit Mexico again
Q.if you could travel with any person as your guide would that person be um living or dead ?
    I'd like to be the guide with a Princess Diana
Q.where would you guys go do India and what would you guys do walk around ?
 eat sounds good sorry could you help me water the flowers please sure no problem now have you ever googled yourself I'd love to say no but yes and
Q.what's the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning ?
uh sunshine
Q. do you have any daily beauty routines or rituals ?
     um why should ice
Q.what's one product that you cannot go a day without wearing ?
Q.who's her fashion icon ?
cliche but Audrey Hepburn
Q.what are three things that every woman should ?
own an amazing amount of jeans um an amazing white shirt and the correct lingerie and
Q.what's the most extravagant thing that you've ever worn?
 I'd say the pink ah she stood your gun that I wore to Karen in 2018 I remember that one yeah and I remember that being let's say I chose to wear the same exact dress yes
Q.and if you could wear one of Beyonce's iconic office which one would it be ?
         I'd want to steam all of her short costumes to be honest you were recently named one of time            100 most influential people yes how did that feel I have to admit I did feel a small sense of                   achievement and you chose to share your experience of living with depression how did it feel to          speak about that for the first time very liberating what was your motivation to do that to                      destigmatize mental illness
Q.what do you think the most common misconception is about ?
 depression that if one happened to anyone
Q.what's your life mantra ?
     live ,love and love
Q.what does feminism mean to you ?
Q.how do you feel about where feminism is currently in India?
 it's in a great place but we have a long way to go
Q. if you can have a debate with anyone in the world who would it be ?
 little children because they're so innocent
Q.oh and what would it be about about how ?
 they're so cute and why they should ever grow up
Q.what's the most beautiful place that you've ever seen ?
the Maldives
Q. what's the best concert that you've ever been to ?
 Coldplay in Berlin now Depot cover towards the end of this interview and I believe we talked about you showing me some dance yes buta membered okay going on one second
Q.okay what's your favorite color ?
   to wear white
Q. what's your go-to karaoke song ?
uh any monarch a song what's your biggest pet peeve nice
Q.what's your worst habit ?
I think I clean up too much
Q. what show are you binge watching right now ?
 Oh sock
Q.how would you describe your sense of humor ?
um honest
Q.what's the best advice you've received from your parents ?
to be honest
Q.what's something you've learned ?
 to love with age to be authentic that's important hold on okay ready I'm ready let's do it oh my gosh         okay you show me bollywood beats flossing glossing you better trade market at all right I'm out        of    here bye .

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