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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Kriti Kharbanda's Birthday Makeup Tutorial

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Kriti Kharbanda and her birthday make up tutorial 
Kriti - so I'm all decked out for my birthday I'm excited about my party so I just figured that I wish white not come to pink Villa and shed my whole body look with you guys I'm gonna be showing you a makeup and hair tutorial so I've actually done this from scratch myself and I'm very proud of it so please don't watch this video I think I'm gonna have super fun and we actually go from scratch I promise you that let's keep watching [Music] hi guys so I always start off with my hair first because your hair when while you're doing your hair you tend to sweat so you don't want your base to move so I'm gonna start with my hair so follow the lead this is what I normally do when I'm in a hurry maybe or I just feel like getting my hair off my face you don't even need a comb to do this so I'm just gonna show you all I need is a rubber band a few bobby pins and hairspray so this is how I do it I do a low ponytail first now I'm going to get on to makeup so I have only applied moisturizer on my face and I use this raw spray I really really like it it's just pure rose water I'm just going to use it once more before I apply my makeup [Music] what I normally start with is concealer so I start with under eyes I never go very close to the eye because I feel like if your eyes need a little bit of depth and if it's too concealed it doesn't look natural looks too cakey and it does at age I think makeup does that so you have to do like the least possible so the thing is when you use a sponge what you tend to do is it settles into the pores of your skin so it tends to look heavier so just use a sponge around your eyes and for the rest of the phase try and use a brush if possible because that just spreads and it doesn't settle into your skin so by the end of it when you powder your skin and everything with you obviously do your makeup an hour in advance like before an event you take time to get there and never ever forget your neck moving on to foundation depending on your skin you need to use a heavy or light foundation I tend to use just this because it works for me I have touchwood I have decent skin so I don't need too much makeup also you need to keep in mind when you're doing your foundation way or heading so if you're doing like a casual night out this is all you need I do all my red carpet looks by myself every single one too late so I use this makeup forever powder and I use this benefit hoola contour so that's what I'm gonna do now i contour before i powder especially in a profile you'll notice your you know your nose tends to look sharp or it photographs better even on a regularly not necessarily and i contour my cheeks now from which i use this round brush for some reason I don't like angular brushes I personally think I have a broad forehead so I always contour my forehead so I just do the edges also because I like a slightly deeper tone to my face I don't like the concept of just looking fair what I always do is just under your chin it requires a certain amount of contouring it gives you it highlights your jawline a lot more so I don't do it under your eye always contour this area I'm gonna move on to highlighting I really like this highlighter I don't know what it's called master strobing cream I think I'm not sure if I'm even pronouncing it right but this is what I like I love looking like Andrea wink I want you to walk up now I'm moving on to the powder and I obviously shake off the excess the reason I do this poster highlighter is because I want the underneath of my skin to feel like it's glowing so when you use it below the highlighter there is still a certain amount of shine where it doesn't look unnatural I have prepped my eyelids with this primer I I personally believe a primer is extremely important because your shadows don't crease and that's really important you don't want to be flirting with a boy looking down and then you notice if you notices the crease over your eyes and especially because we're doing a birthday video I think on my birthday I want to look perfect I always want to look perfect but that's separate story I bought the most importantly so this is a blush on from the mineralized blush from Mac it's one of my most favorite it's called dainty come on I think I feel very nice when I wear it so it's it's got very little color in it but it's got a really beautiful shine as well so I just use about this much and I brush it over my cheek so it looks like God nice pink rosy cheeks with a little bit of shine in that's super cool little bit on the chin there you go so I my skin is prepped my skin is ready more or less so what I'm starting off with today I love this Urban Decay Naked palette also because I'm wearing a blush pink dress and it's I want to do soft natural makeup but I want a little bit of shine so that it looks glamorous so these are my colors I think I only use this one I'm gonna use trick I just cover my lid with it so that's my shadow see you can get go deeper by creasing like darkening the crease of your line of your eyes these are my eye shadows from Inglot I use a little bit of the pink I take a little bit of the orange what I generally do is run it under my eye so it gives you great depth and it gives you a really nice soft contour so as you can see it's very light if they look like really dark colors but they're pigments are really soft so I just run that under my eye and it looks like you have a really nice contour going and you'll notice it even more when I highlight it with a little bit of brown because that's a liner I way I don't like going to stock so I go with Brown so this is my liner brush and I'm gonna use dip down to Mac I love the brown absolutely love the brown and applying your eyeliner make sure you have a great brush because I think that makes all the difference a very ordinary quality of an eyeliner can also look great if you have a lovely brush that's very very important and clean your brushes [Music] so I used like a really soft brown liner and in order to counter that I go back to this palette I just take a little bit of brown mix it with a little bit of orange I just do that and run it under my eye again that is something I pay close attention to I have forgotten to bring my hair dry out therefore I just have to make do without it but I always heat up my lash color for about 10 to 15 seconds make sure it's not too hot you will burn your skin it is metal at the end of the day so the thing is you I'm very comfortable with doing this I can do it even without a mirror I've gotten very used to it so please be very careful normally you tend to pinch your eyelid like the first few times I did it I did pinch my eyelids who make sure that you know and how to do it a lot of people see I am I love mascara so I have like many I've carried only two with me today so this is urban decay that I like using and the Mac upward - right let's call the upward lash so these are my two go-to mascaras these are mascara I use every day normally so I'm just going to use both actually I'm going to start with this and then on the lower lash I'm gonna use this one while you're at it just make sure the application of your mascara is seeming difficult it's because it's dried up and I'm saying this to you because I think mine is also tried a little bit so just be careful about that if you're doing something like if you're attending a wedding or something you can always make it a little more dramatic by just using false lashes but make sure that they are like really thin false lashes if you tend to use the heavier ones they will look fake and you will skating and I'm using the Urban Decay mascara for my lower lash I like doing my lower lash not a lot of people do to each their own it's your personal choice that it's something that I like moving onto my brows

Now I I used the Anastasia brow is this is in this medium brown and that's my color so you can tell the difference between the two when you brush your brows look neater and it's easier to fill it in you don't overdo it shouldn't you will power your face it should define your eyes that's all it just is to you it's to be used to define your eyes and not your face so once I've done that I'm gonna highlight my arch I tend to do that only after I do my eyebrows so I know how much to get into it colors that I use a lot so this is what I tend to use this from Mac I don't know what it's called but it's from Mac so it's got a pink undertone and that's what I like so that's what I use on my brows just take a little bit of that in an angular brush looks very glamorous highlighters are very important highlighting and contouring I feel it in change with years so once you are done with your basics you will know whether you need more foundation whether you need more concealer I always conceal my under eyes a little bit more after I'm done with my eye makeup because you don't want to overdo it you don't want too much of it so I just take like a little bit more just just about that much it's your really lovely we soft look you feel like like a fairy Cinderella and like I said I'm gonna use a powder highlighter time to do my lips this is the confusing part because sometimes because you're wearing lighter subdued colors you tend to go a little dark on the lips I like to keep it soft I think it looks really nice you can of course use a color so this is something I've got from my car I tend to mix a few colors I'm not gonna go entirely pink or peach I'm gonna do a mix of both so I'm using this from my car I have kinda sexy from Mac which I'll use as a base and then I will be using pretty boy start with kind of sexy just to give it a neutral base now this is a this seems like a really bright color but it's actually not it's it's very soft so I'm gonna wear this as my second layer so it's after I wear the second layer normally I normally always tend to mix my lipsticks I don't use just one shade is when I saw I use this is huda beauty is Gossip Girl it's one of my favorite colors so I just used the line of the lip liner just around the edges so this is me this is how I like to do my look I think it's soft it's pretty it actually to me looks very sexy as well I love the whole concept of glowing having a little bit of shine having beautiful full lips and I think we have to make the best of whatever we have and that's what I've done highlight your most important features that is the most important thing and trust me if you feel beautiful and sexy they're gonna give out that vibe you attract the energy you give so let this just add to your confidence let makeup not be your confidence so I hope we helped you add that little bit of confidence and spark into your lives so this is a very cool birthday makeup video and I hope you guys try it very very soon do tell us how you like. 

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