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Monday, September 23, 2019

Kiara Advani's Day To Night Makeup Look

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Kiara advani reveal some of her personal secrets
 Kiara - this is my day dope I hands however now we'll remove the lipstick so that we can convert it into a nice look so I'm going to share with you something that I'm going to be trying on myself for the very first time on this is a look at my makeup artist differently during the song launch of CPMs and this is really cool look so what better try doing it I have never done this on myself so let's see how it goes so I'm first going to apply some gold shadow on my we do a little bit first thing like that and connect a focus of this is this is what I know it doesn't shift and so we will put on so the you know a normal life [Music] right now and absolutely amazing to bring into this stupid girl actually of is then to add a twist to it and what really makes this special is a different role liner on top for which I'm going to use this mislead line no I'm sure you can get this and many other bands but a nice liquid gold that [Music] this is 80 bucks so that one who's your you say [Music] [Music] now like what I've done beside income has an ingenious design easier to do this size but if you do end up you know smudging is anything you take the black line on run it over again [Music] and to finish the I we're going to just add a little bit of black shadow to the bottom lashline [Music] [Music] so I set this at the shadow of you know soft and that's why you shadow but if you like guys to be really defined and dark then you can add Kajal inside the eye and obviously solution rhythmic style but I would like to do after because we're going into the night I don't think we can now I always keep a lot of ear bud with me so that all extra unwanted stuff [Music] okay we can try doing the making a little darker so which I like to use so I don't like using culture like the normal pencil pick cotton because I can literally on live little eccentric like your under eyes and I actually leave that complete smudged Kajal looks a lot of smudge it with eyeshadows I have two o'clock shadow oh I like using this Mac gel liner if some
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it's nice we'll take it give you the cold finish eyes at the same time it doesn't bleed it doesn't smile justice just stays and I didn't you forgot a scheduler so we're just going to put a little bit of that in the waterline so yeah it's more defined as you can see the different this is a little soft stone this is Monas and then whether it's my makeup artist for me doing this we would give me a box and i we don't hold my my eye down with the past but not the arrow and foundation so I want them to drop anything on eyes um and I'm in the finishing slope what would you look very nice in a nice soft weightless but I really don't mind it stained as we miss the perfect pace the councilmen we go Ramel roguish on now that ellipse a light up and voila we're ready so this was a look that my makeup artist used on me for the cheese very song launch which is a big day for us so try special look added some super super filling in super glamorous and I'm happy with myself that I managed to do it today even though the first MRI lon but I think I just need a really steady hand and steady product .

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