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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Inside the wardrobe with Shruti Haasan - Wardrobe staples

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Shruti Hassan show inside the wardrobe in latest interview.

 Shruti- hi everyone so I'm going to show you some of the staples I have in my wardrobe which I love which I wear again and again and again because they're comfortable and I think we all have liked some of those clothes right you know whether you're having a bad day you're not feeling that create you put them on and you feel like confident and comes to work and you know just an extension of who you are so where do I start hmm right so this is if I have to describe my style as you can see it's kinda like eclectic in the sense that it's not particularly only one type of style so when there are days I'm feeling extra feminine I would carry something like this but not like every day so I bought just bought this in Elian is kind of hippy so when I'm feeling a bit hippy on a hippy day then this is the way to go and then yeah I think these are like probably my favorite shots they let on and super stretchy uncomfortable not particularly comfortable and Bombay or China achill they get really sticking on the inside it's hard but other than that I really love it because they're really come so when they look pretty chilled out so they have because they're leather they have a little bit of an extra thing going on and what else this one is a board and I got this I think four or five years ago in Bombay in one of those pop-up store exhibition whatever type things and I really liked it because it was mad and it's hand painted so I thought it was like really unique and fun and surprisingly has a lot of space in it which was super good and and and the bird cell

Okay this this is like something I would wear all the time I got this in London oil in one of those places but I love it because it's it's kind of rock and roll but I need to put lots of stuff on it but it's a simple with like a little texture which I like so that little feminine is femininity comes in without being too much of just play this I think all of us and every human being or every girl has the short ranges and I love it because it's like my two favorite colors was the black then it just makes it fun this bag I actually bought in Chennai I was surprised to find such a cool bag randomly generates an i-love-you you know what I mean though so I found this bag then I've used this for years actually abused it I've been using it for ever and again I like it and it clings across and carrying so much and I've traveled with it this bag has seen a lot and has a lot of space to those bag I mean probably the cluster doesn't ask is this one though it's my favorite valentino clutch and I bought it in Milan when I was shooting a film and I liked it because it has this pink on it which is cool so you're not like one of those one of those girls all right and speaking of sudden spikes this is my new phase this jacket and I bought it in London and I like it because it's rock and roll and punk but it's also kind of fun so and it's super comfortable it kind of heavy though but it's good a second upper body workout just a light workout that's one of my favorite and I'm going to keep it on and yeah this one I bought I think about five or six years ago but it's like really comfortable especially to traveling or just like sort of casually you know stepping out in the evening and what I like about it is I can keep it really casual like setting it with like denim shorts and like a van or you could make it fun with something more you know blingy and then that just becomes a one element butchers I'm sure I'm doing but I'm chilled out and

This one I bought recently and I love it because it's so quirky so from behind a sec whoo look at the coach is wearing such a nice dress haha just kidding if this shots and you can wear it with jeans or shorts so it's a typical shot on top but it's like I am a kind of crazy person on the bottom which I like and these shoes I love so they're all business in the front and party in the back and the kind of body that I like slightly rock and roll and these are my favorite new staple so comfortable but they're not like your typical sliders anyway they go on my feet as this very comfortable they're like super comfortable and they're a bit more like your usual one and they go up with they I mean they go along with all of my black wardrobe this is I've seen my current favorite slip dress which I bought in London I love drawers in it have those titles as well and I think it's really nice because it's feminine but it doesn't take being a girl too seriously and staples people say for my most favorite pair of my shiny Doc Martens and my favorite kind of shoes of all time my converse but I love these kids are sweet and they sort of girly and what I like about my converse as well as I like them so much they're ultra comfortable and I think everyone loves converse everyone wears these and my character Binney in Vanity Fair he was completely Indian clothes but always talks with the Ellis converse so those who just have a light load and hope you had fun it can eat my water .

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