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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Fishing for Answers ft. Rashmika Mandanna

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Rashmika Maadanna straight forward answer to questions in her own way
Rashmika - hi everyone. Rashmika here. so without wasting any time, Let's just answer fastly. okay, one thing about me that nobody knows. I'm a huge Anime freak If you all know what anime is, Anime and cartoon are not same. Anime is japanese thing and cartoon is everyone's thing and i'm more of anime fan. one moment you want to relive again in your life. I think the one moment i want to relive in my life is the day when i won the fresh face 2014 the most ruthless thing about me is. if not now, my dressing sense not even middle class. i just walk out in pajamas so i don't know if you would consider that as an anwer one thing i could change about my appearance is i don't know, make a smiling face very angry if i'm making any sense, i'm sorry the last time i cried? very recent, don't wanna know one thing that you most like about telugu i think the people. yeah people. FOOD FOOD SPICY FOOD one bad habit i have been trying to overcome too annoyingly caring one thing i wish someone would gift me yes yes, a car one place i love the most is i think hill station My favorite TV show or serial the most recent tv serial i watched is i think the black mirror or the walking dead. i really like The Riverdale Name your first crush Should i name it? I don't know da. Someguy if you had carry 2 things to a deserted island, what would you carry? A blanket and a pillow One thing i'll never do for all the money in the world Try to convince something for someone Describe your life in 3 words A Very Intresting Life 2 Best people in my life are Who should i say ?? If not into acting, what would you be doing i would be probably sitting at home and going to college my favorite food The one thing that always puts me in good mood. Music Ayindi, THANK YOU 

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